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Are you in need of Los Angeles Technology Start Up Attorney? General Start Up Attorney? Our startup lawyers focus on representing emerging companies and talented individuals. The goal is to be transparent here. Due to entrepreneurs' limited resources we provide alternative billing options for our legal services. Our packages allow you to focus on your business, while we handle the legal meeting requirements. Shop our flat rate options...

Disclaimer: Most contracts prepared for the stated prices are set, if a contract is overly complex or is expected to be negotiated with the opposing side, a higher fee will be quoted before the start of the work.

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The Grady Firm wants to alleviate pain points that startups face in Los Angeles, Newport Beach, and other California cities, where you will find lots of world renowned businesses. We have helped our clients to achieve their "American Dream" of success in what can seem like such difficult and cut-throat business world of tech startups and other business ventures.

The Grady Firm created a set fee structure for starting your business that includes business formation services and the drafting of contracts for employees, founders, partners, intellectual property issues, service agreements and others that are essential to the success of any business. Our innovative, personable approach is aligned with the difficult nuances of startup entities and are customized to forecast potential problems/ issues that occur in the competing new world markets, where advances in technology occur on  daily basis. 

Our fixed packages are not only customized to your unique business needs, but The Grady Firm provides ongoing consultations,  business strategies for growth and profitability and advice on joint ventures.  Additionally, our services ensure that your business is in compliance with various state and federal laws regarding taxes, wages, work conditions, discrimination policies and others so that management and employees are treated reasonably and fairly.

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