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Learn How to Comply with California Labor Laws at Ignite Startup School 103 Webinar on May 7, 2014


Now that your business is ready to hire employees, it becomes subject to California labor and employment laws. Wage and hour lawsuits have gone up 300% since the year 2000, and each lawsuit can costs employers hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees, settlement costs, and lost profits.

Don’t be a statistic—arm yourself from employee lawsuits in this 2-hour course, in which you will learn:

  1. The difference between independent contractors and employees, and the consequences of misclassification;

  2. What needs to be included in payroll and wage statements;

  3. The top 6 mistakes employers make regarding I-9 employee eligibility forms;

  4. How to systematize employee requests for time off;

  5. Why you need an up-to-date Employee Handbook;

  6. How to Handle Requests for Disability Accommodation;

  7. Record keeping requirements;

  8. The importance of employee discipline and performance reviews; and

  9. Why you need to keep your head out of the sand, and when to hire a lawyer


  1. Class handouts

  2. Time for Q&A

  3. The opportunity to network with similarly situated entrepreneurs

  4. Access to private Ignite Startup School message boards, and

  5. Discount codes on Ignite Startup School Legal Services Packages

  6. Discounts on small business vendor services

Course Instructor: Jennifer A. Grady, Esq.

Course Length: 2 hours

Course Platform: Online webinar. Login information and course handouts will be provided the registrants in advance.

Disclaimer: The Content of Startup School 103 does not constitute legal or other professional advice. Course Instructor is licensed to practice law in California only.


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