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H-2B Visa Program for Temporary Workers

The H-2B visa is used to bring foreign workers for temporary, non-agricultural work for a period beginning April 1 or October 1 each year. There is a cap of 33,000 visas per period (66,000 per year).

After the work contract ends, workers must return to their home countries or can be transferred to another certified job order.


H-2B workers must only work:

  • For the employer listed

  • At the location(s) stated

  • Only during the dates of need listed

  • On the job duties stated

  • At the pay rate(s) stated


Watch our latest video from September 2023 about the H-2B program for Fiscal Year 2024

Apply by November (for April 1 start date) or June (for October 1 date).

Due to competition, there is a lottery for the number of spots available, so meeting deadlines is imperative.

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Watch Our H-2B Business Seminar!

Hear from immigration attorneys Jennifer Grady, Esq. and Jonathan Durket, Esq. about their experience and recommendations for preparing a winning H-2B application. They have successfully helped employers in the hotel, ski resort, landscaping, forestry, restaurant, winery, and trucking industries bring workers from abroad to supplement their staff on a seasonal or full-time basis.

In addition, Guest Speaker Wilfredo Reyes, Senior Consultant with USAID, will join us and discuss the H-2B program in El Salvador, as well as the recent announcement of the 20,000 visa cap for the Northern Triangle. These visas are reserved for nationals of Haiti and the Northern Central American countries, and the remaining 44,716 supplemental visas will be available to returning workers who received an H-2B visa, or were otherwise granted H-2B status, during one of the last three fiscal years.

Not sure which visa is right for you?

Complete this immigration questionnaire and an immigration attorney will review your submission to determine if you might qualify for the H-2B or any other visa. 

Blog Posts

Read more about the H-2B visas below, along with links to detailed blog articles.

Ready for the next step? Schedule a consultation with an attorney here!

Find out if you qualify, and which visa program is best for your company.

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