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Now that some states and counties are allowing employees to return to work, even in a limited capacity, employers need to consider how their workplace will be different due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The following topics should be addressed in a revised Employee Handbook or Coronavirus Addendum to the Handbook. Policies longer than a few paragraphs, or that are important enough to need employee signatures, should be provided as a stand-alone policy.

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  1. Return to Work Policy

  2. Cleaning and Disinfecting Procedures

  3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy

  4. Reporting Symptoms or potential exposure to Covid-19

  5. Worker hygiene

  6. Rules for shared work spaces

  7. Social distancing measures

  8. Changes to in-person meetings or travel requirements

  9. Visitors in the workplace

  10. Visiting clients and vendors

  11. Testing for illness at the job site

  12. Telecommuting policy (abridged version in Handbook)

  13. Implementing Staggered work schedules

  14. Updated Medical and family leave policies

  15. Accommodations for high-risk employees

  16. Employee Support Channels & Communication

  17. Security procedures for remote workers

  18. Employee refusal to return to work

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The following policies may be in-depth and require employee acknowledgement and signature because of the importance of the topic. They should be issued as stand-alone policies.

  1. Employee consent to return to work

  2. Request for Telecommuting Arrangement form and Telecommuting Policy and Agreement;

  3. FFCRA Policy and Leave Request form

The Grady Firm can help you assess your risk and assist with preparing the above policies. Please call us at (949) 798-6298 to book a complimentary consultation. You can find our Covid-19 blogs, videos, and posts our website: https://www.gradyfirm.com/coronavirus-employment-law

This article does not constitute legal advice. Please speak with a qualified employment lawyer in your jurisdiction before creating new employee policies.


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