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The Grady Firm Co-Sponsors event for Businesses Starting or Relocating Within California


On September 27, 2016, The Grady Firm co-sponsored an event with the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce geared towards companies that are doing business in, or relocating to, California.  The event was attended by local business owners; members of the LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce;  Jeff Malin, Senior Business Development Specialist at Governor Brown’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz); Eric Eide, Director of Mayor Garcetti’s Office of International Trade; and Jennifer Grady, Esq., business and immigration attorney at The Grady Firm, P.C.

Programs by Office of the Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office of International Trade

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti recently launched LARExC – the Los Angeles Regional Export Council, a public-private partnership between government, business, and educational institutions that is working to coordinate and streamline export services in the Los Angeles region. LARExC is a model for regional export plans around the country, and is leading the way to economic recovery through exports of goods and services.

LARExC is in the process of working with regional leaders in international trade to streamline the region’s export support services and help LA businesses reach international markets. Studies show that 95 percent of the world’s consumers live outside the US, and that 85 percent of economic growth will happen outside of the US in the next five years. Helping LA businesses reach these growing markets is critical, as every $1 billion in exports creates 5,500 new jobs.

During the presentation, Mr. Eide discussed the Mayor’s Office’s directive to encourage import and export by California businesses, and to increase the amount of Foreign Direct Investment that comes to Southern California through the nation’s #1 port and #3 airport. The Mayor’s directive will be partnering with the World Trade Center Los Angeles, Los Angeles Sister Cities, the Department of Commerce, Los Angeles Regional Export Council, and the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Center. The program will launch on October 19, 2016, and three-day “Export 101” courses will take place on November 16, 2016, and January 21, 2017 in West Los Angeles.

State Sponsored Business Incentives by Governor Brown’s Office

Jeff Malin spoke in detail about the incentives offered by the State of California in terms of sales, use, and property tax credits; site selection; and education reimbursements; among others. A more detailed list of these incentives for businesses of all sizes can be found here.

The GO-Biz was created by Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. to serve as California’s single point of contact for economic development and job creation efforts. GO-Biz offers a range of services to business owners including: attraction, retention and expansion services, site selection, permit assistance, regulation guidance, small business assistance, international trade development, assistance with state government, and much more.

Immigration Options for Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Employees

View More: http://elyanaphotography.pass.us/jennifer

Jennifer A. Grady, Esq., Founding Attorney of The Grady Firm, P.C.

Jennifer Grady, Esq. concluded the evening with a discussion of visa and Green Card options for investors, employees, and entrepreneurs doing business in the United States.  Specifically, she discussed the business/tourist visa (B-1/B-2); visas with Green Card options based on employment (L-1, H-1B, O-1); visas based on investment (E-2, E-1, and EB-5), and the annual Green Card lottery.

She ended the discussion with considerations for starting a business in California, and described the service providers that are essential to have as part of a new business team.

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This article is for informational purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship. This article does not make any guarantees as to the outcome of a particular matter, as each matter has its own set of circumstances and must be evaluated individually by a licensed attorney.


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