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The Best Apps and Software for Managing Remote Teams

Now that many major tech firms and employers of all sizes have chosen to allow remote work for teams into mid-2021, it’s time to revisit how you are communicating with your remote teams. Choosing the proper technology to manage remote teams can support communication, productivity, and efficiency. With so many to choose from, it’s key to understand your workplace needs, then find software that will be an asset to your workflow. The following shortlist of apps can get you started with team management, client relationship management, timekeeping, and more. Prices range from free to monthly subscriptions on a per-user basis.

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Below is a list of apps and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms available for managing teams. While The Grady Firm has not evaluated or endorsed these products, we are providing a list as a starting point for evaluating and researching these services.

Project/Team Management

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Asana – Set company goals and timelines, and monitor the daily workload and progress of team members.

Basecamp – As an online bulletin board-meets-task organizer, this tool makes it easy for companies to disseminate information quickly and have transparency on job tasks and assignments.

Clio – Developed for lawyers, this software simplifies the handling of cases, documents, invoices, timekeeping, and contacts as an all-in-one solution for case management.

Microsoft Teams – Staying connected is easy with Teams, where you can video chat, screen share, and edit files together in real time.

Monday – This powerful organization tool can integrate seamlessly with other apps, automate workflows, and visualize data in multiple formats.

Slack – Exchange long winded emails and meetings for conversations on Slack, where you can also make calls, share files, and search old chats.

Wrike – The customization of dashboards, shared calendars, and project folders makes organizing simple, no matter how complex your workflows are.

Airtable – Create your own database with this platform’s sleek user interface and focus on the data that’s important to your business.

Task Management Software

Teamwork – Manage your team’s workload, plan milestones, track time, assign tasks, and collaborate through messaging, all within one software.

Trello – Track project workflows through this easy to use web app that organizes using the Kanban method.

CRM Software

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Clio Grow – Client intake and relationship management designed to integrate seamlessly with Clio Manage, a lawyer’s practice management software.

Dubsado – Manage clients, contracts, invoices, and scheduling, while automating workflow by triggering automated responses, reminders, and more.

Pipedrive – Organize leads, track communication, and close deals by moving clients through your sales process and focusing on one stage at a time. Can be customized to integrate with other platforms, such as PandaDoc, Clio, and drip campaigns.

Salesforce – Track how sales, support, and marketing can enhance the customer experience and deliver personalized service.

Timekeeping and Scheduling Apps

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Check with your payroll provider (i.e. ADP, Southland Data Processing, K-Time HR) for their own timekeeping software that integrates with payroll services.

Hubstaff – Easy to use time tracking on desktop, web, or mobile, along with online timesheets, productivity monitoring, and team scheduling.

Tracking Time – Tracker integrated with Asana, Trello, Todoist, and other apps, with online timesheets and easy clock in and out features.

Timely – Eliminate clocking in and out with this AI-enhanced tracker that automatically captures your time worked on the computer and sends you timesheets for approval.

Time Doctor – Automate screenshots to see employe