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The Grady Firm Awards Study Abroad Scholarship to UCSD Student and Advises Students on Careers in La

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Jennifer Grady, Esq. and Scholarship Recipient, Alexandra Gunn

On May 16, 2017, The Grady Firm provided a Friends of the International Center scholarship to Alexandra Gunn, a sophomore at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).  Ms. Gunn will spend a semester abroad in Amman, Jordan, where she will study Arabic and culture in the 2017-2018 school year.

Alexandra is a student in Eleanor Roosevelt College, and is majoring in Political Science, with an emphasis on International Relations.  Currently, she is an intern for the State Department, where she was tasked to create a local refugee organization at UCSD called “No Lost Generation” (NLG).  NLG is headquartered in Amman, Jordan as part of UNICEF’s humanitarian efforts.


Scholarship donors and winners, along with UCSD staff and faculty

Ms. Gunn was presented with her award at the Friends of the International Center Annual Dinner, at which 160 undergraduate, graduate, and medical students were honored with scholarships to assist them with their dreams of studying abroad. Ann Craig, Provost Emeritus of Eleanor Roosevelt College, was the keynote speaker, and provided insight about how her experience living abroad as a child changed the course of her personal life and career.  This year, the Friends of the International Center collectively raised over $110,000 to fund these scholarships to ensure that students are not prohibited from studying abroad due to the often-prohibitive cost of higher education.


Winners of the Friends of the International Center Scholarships

The Grady Firm created this scholarship to honor a student of high academic and community achievement who would embrace the many personal and professional benefits that result from studying abroad.

Jennifer Grady, Esq., also an alumna of UCSD Eleanor Roosevelt College who majored in Political Science/International Relations, studied abroad for a year at the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain.  This life-changing experience not only enabled her to become fluent in Spanish, but provided her with the cross-cultural experience and sensitivity that has helped her develop the international practice at The Grady Firm, P.C.


Jennifer Grady, Esq. (center); with UCSD students and Kim Burton, Director, Education Abroad Program (right)

Careers in Law Presentation

Prior to the dinner, Ms. Grady presented career options for Political Science/International Relations majors in law, including examples of her own career, and proposed creative professional opportunities beyond the traditional law firm for recent grads.

Students were able to ask questions about the opportunities that may be available to them, and to develop new road maps for their careers. On an ongoing basis, Ms. Grady is a mentor to students and recent graduates who are interested in legal or international careers.

About The Grady Firm

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