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The Grady Firm Now Offers Customized Record-Keeping Forms for Employers

California enacted numerous new laws in 2014 that continue to make it more challenging for employers to comply with California employment law.

To take out some of the guesswork that employers and Human Resources managers face as they try to run their businesses, The Grady Firm, P.C. has created a package of over fifteen (15) customized forms and checklists to ensure that employers are properly documenting their procedures before hiring, at the time of hire, during employment, and at termination.

The cost of the forms package includes a complimentary 30-minute consultation with The Grady Firm employment law attorneys who can explain how to use the forms, and answer any questions that employers and Human Resources managers may have.

The forms and checklists included in the package were specially created by The Grady Firm attorneys in response to their experience defending employers in employment law and wage and hour lawsuits brought by their current and former employees.  By using these fully customized forms, employers can develop consistency in their record-keeping policies that can potentially save a company tens of thousands of dollars in litigation costs and settlements.

Why Maintaining Proper Records is Important in Protecting Your Business

Issues as seemingly simple as terminating an “at-will” employee can create a number of legal issues for employers.  Disgruntled employees might file a wrongful termination suit, or a complaint with the California Labor Board. The best way to protect your business from such claims is to make sure all procedures are adhered to according to applicable California laws.  Although a former employee may still file a frivolous lawsuit, an employer can protect itself by having an arsenal of records that document the legal reasons for discipline and/or termination.

Employers need to apply their disciplinary systems consistently to all employees.  Any deviations from conduct that might warrant discipline –whether verbal or written – must be properly documented and placed in the personnel file so that once an employee is terminated, the business can demonstrate a legitimate reason for doing so.

Additional Forms

While terminating an employee is one example of how a business can benefit from having the appropriate forms in employees’ personnel files, other situations that warrant proper documentation include requests for reasonable accommodation, meal and rest break waivers, performance evaluations, grievance filing procedures, final paycheck acknowledgments, incident reports, separation notices, severance pay acknowledgements, and requests for time off, among others.

To purchase a set of forms that are specific to your type of business and include your company logo, along with the complimentary legal consultation, call (949) 798-6298, or fill out a Contact Request Form.

In addition, The Grady Firm attorneys can also update your business’ company policies/Employee Handbook, and explain the detailed nuances of the new law.

For a list of new employment laws that will take effect in 2015, click here.


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